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No Single Body for Me to Follow

directed by Barry Cavin

Ghostbird Theatre Company

November 2023
Malerba Studio, Fort Myers


Alex Adams as Adrian

Tatum Bates as Thoby

Brittney Brady as Virginia

James Brock as Mr. C.

Chloe Chan as Vanessa

Adrianna Martinez as Stella

No Single Body For Me To Follow Poster.jpg

And so, well, I have a secret about you. Kept it from
you. (beat) I’ve have a box, and it’s a coffin I am
making for you.


Thank you?


No, not a coffin for your body, or an urn for your
ashes. But a box I’ve made, filled with letters,
stamps, old photos, torn things, drawings. Just a few
things we’ve shared--not everything, and nothing too
serious or too meaningful. But some kind of capture of
you, I think. It’s both alive and dead.


May I see it?


No, never. I don’t want to jinx it. I know you’ll die,
far, far too soon for me most likely, even if
that’s seventy years away, it’ll be too soon.


Good, that’s my plan, too.


But I also want to have with me just a few things of
you being already dead. Maybe just so I know I can cope
with it. (beat) I do have it.


I totally believe you do.


And that’s how I compartmentalize, I know. It’s not for
proportion, or to put things into perspective--it’s
probably the opposite of that. Just holding off, a
little, I suppose.


I hope, then, it’s a small box.


It’s the smallest box ever.


Good. Then keep your word for me. I never want to see

Scared of your own mortality?


Gosh, no. I am pretty easy with the idea of
disappearing, too. Occasionally, yes, there’s a twinge
of egoism, of wanting to have accomplished this or
that, some laurel, some memorial of all about me. But
not really. There’s a lot to be said about just
disappearing. We were once exquisite, and now we are


I can live with that. I do live with that.


Oh, but except when it hurts. Then it’s not so funny.


No, no, no, dear Thoby. Especially when it hurts.
That’s when it’s fucking hilarious.

Beat. There’s a scratching at the door, maybe?
THOBY goes to the door. Opens it slightly, looks
out, and steps back in the room.


Nothing there.

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