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Reviews, Y'all

I have to own up that my plays can be more than a little challenging "to get," as my touchstones are in poetry and experimental, interdisciplinary art. I play more with parable, with unrelated episodic moments, and not with conventional, realistic, theatrical narrative that chokes so much repertory theatre these days. I think of theatre in terms of ritual, not so much story-telling.

Thus I really appreciate these reviews that do seek to engage in the work, especially when it's all so slippery.

One Island

Artis Henderson's feature story goes into depth the themes of this project, as well as note its deep collaboration.


Tom Hall reviews "3," rightly admiring Brittney Brady's direction and the play's interrogation of patriarchal repression/coercion/control.

Everyone on this Train

Tom Hall, once again, shows exceptional engagement with Ghostbird's production. I really like how he makes connections between these brief and ghostly encounters.

Because Beauty Must Be Broken Daily

Chris Silk would name "Beauty" best new play of the 2013-14 season, and his review represents the kind of engagement theatre artists hope to ellicit.

One Island

John Davis, of NPR Affiliate WGCU, leads a thoughtful discussion of "One Island,"  with Carolina Vargas and Juliana Morgan Alvarez.

Juliana Morgan Alvarez.jpg

Charles Runnells provides an appreciative preview of Ghostbird's production of 3.

The Chicken Play

Tom Hall provides a preview of "The Chicken Play" for Florida Weekly, amplifying how the play is deeply site-specific.

Screenshot 2016-12-22 21.01.48.png
The Pumpkin Grower

Chris Silk really wanted to like "Pumpkin Grower." He really did.

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